Yoga Business and Marketing – Create Multiple Sources of Income

Trying to build a business as a yoga teacher felt impossible to me. I finished yoga school and my postures were great. I had a solid foundation in yoga philosophy. I traveled to India. I did everything a great yoga teacher should do. But I still could not figure out how to make a living teaching yoga. I am not business-minded and there was no one helping me. All my favorite yoga teaching friends were also struggling to find gigs and they became more like competition than friends. What I needed most was to find people who were interested in my success.

Beyond Belief you also need a marketing plan!

Of course it is important to have a strong working knowledge of and belief in the practice of yoga or which ever healing art you are practicing. You also need to believe in yourself and you capability to teach and coach and serve people. These beliefs are most definitely the backbone of your business. If you are ever faltering in your confidence either in the practice of in yourself one of the best things you can do is to read. Read to gain knowledge and also inspiration. Once you are steadfast in your conviction and dedication, go beyond belief and into action. Develop a marketing plan. This is where I and many yoga teachers and other healers get stuck. With the internet today there are so many ways to get free or very low cost training in marketing.

Align your marketing with your yoga practice

Internet attraction marketing teaches you to be yourself and attract to you the types of clients that are already on the web looking for the things that you have to offer. Manifesting yourself physically in yoga postures is very similar to the way you can manifest your financial and business posture on the web. By posting more and more valuable information in different formats on the web, you will grow your presence and stature to that of an expert in your field. People will respect you and your teaching will encompass so much more than it can in the studio classroom. As you write and serve people on the web, they will contact you and inevitably wonder when and where they can take class with you. The methods I am suggesting are invaluable but they take dedication and time to develop. I am available as a personal guide to you as you get started in these methods. There is a very comprehensive training program that you can look at.

Earn multiple streams of income

Do not let yoga be your single source of income. With your skills as a yoga teacher, you are a coach and inspiration on many levels. With internet marketing you have the opportunity to use your yoga business as one avenue but you can also learn to create income in multiple ways. When you have a website that gets some traffic, you can begin to earn money if people buy products through your site. For example, you might post a link for clients to purchase yoga related books at Amazon. You will earn money from this. You can also branch out and offer other skills that you have.

Develop marketing skills and add an additional source of income

Find a direct selling, or network marketing company that you can be passionate about. By joining a team of experts in marketing, you will be able to get free, long term support in developing your marketing skills. This is an amazing way to build a sense of community, get support in your business, and also have a whole other source of income. Most network marketing companies promote healthy lifestyles and nutritional products that will benefit your body. You will have yet another thing to offer your clients and you will be able to serve people in a whole new dimension.

Business is best as part of a team

It is more fun to earn money and develop a business when you can share your experience with others. For beginners it is crucial to have guidance and support. The road to success of any kind is not easy. You need to be motivated and dedicated every day. When you have a team of like minded people to share the journey with, it makes it a lot more worthwhile. It also allows you to keep a perspective on money and the purpose of your earning. One of the things I love most about earning is the opportunity to share and give to others. One of the central tenants of the company I am a part of is When you become blessed, you better become a blessing. It is a joy to have companionship in this mindset, especially in the realm of business. It is breaking the mold of what rich people are perceived as.

The more value you offer the better

As a yoga teacher, you offer a practice and all of your knowledge of yoga. You can offer information, experience and expertise. The more you give, the more you will receive in return. As you build relationships and trust, you will be developing the confidence to give even more wholeheartedly. As an internet marketer, your skills will be invaluable to anyone who is running a business. You will be able to consult and advise those who are wondering how to expand their businesses. As a network marketer you will have a nutritional product that will support health and also offer the opportunity to learn how to generate more income with in the framework that your success is build on other people’s success.

If you would like a free 20 min consultation about how to expand your yoga business to include multiple sources of income contact me.

How Video and YouTube Can Strengthen Business and Market Share

Let’s start with the facts:

YouTube is the third most visited site in the word, right after Google and Facebook. The site gets over a billion unique users visiting on a monthly basis, and their viewership base is helped along by the sheer number of videos they offer, with more coming in: a 100 hour’s worth every minute, according to them. If you’re a US based business, Nielsen ratings identify YouTube as reaching more US adults (18-34) than any US cable network, and you can also reach a world-wide audience easily, what with 80% of the traffic coming from outside the country. When it comes to accessibility and global reach, YouTube “is localized in 61 countries and across 61 languages.”

With millions of subscribers, it’s virtually impossible not to have a significant population of your target market included in the YouTube tribe. When you include videos in your marketing strategy, you’ll be adding an enormously powerful tool and YouTube’s brand to work in your corner. In conjunction with Google ad platforms (Google bought the company in 2006), there are thousands of channels making money for their content-creators. You won’t be limited to laptops and desktop user, since the videos are also available on mobile device platforms.

Another good thing is that you’ll have a form of copyright protection built in with YouTube’s Content ID system, which filters identical files uploaded by other members and checks them for matches.

What can you do with YouTube?

Inform, educate, respond. You can teach your customers how to get the most out of your products. If your knowledge documentation isn’t their cup of tea (TL; DR), you can offer videos to show them the actual ins and outs of using your product. You can also update them on new developments in your niche to help them plan for the mid-term and the future.

Give a human touch. Responding to viewer feedback helps you keep the lines of communication open between you and your subscribers, and helps you keep a weather eye on the pulse of the market. With a possible world-wide audience, you can be exposed to new information that can help you improve your business, even make new friends and contacts, and help you keep connected. By getting feedback,subscribers, and followers, you increase your market saturation.

Increase traffic to your website. As stated earlier, YouTube is not just limited to desktops. After refining your SEO and content strategy, you can reach people on their mobile devices, and if they want to learn more you can direct them to your site where they can sign up for newsletters or buy things right off the bat.

What you don’t need.

A big advertising budget. This isn’t TV, this is the internet. By this time you’ve probably watched enough amateur-made videos on your own to appreciate the work done behind the scenes (good lighting, clear videos, clear audio recording, no mumbling when voice-overs are used) and in the videos (pacing, logical progression, focused messages, clear, graphics and examples, engagement) to determine that it’s not the money behind them that makes videos memorable. You want to showcase your products? You want to spread your brand? You use brains, creativity, ingenuity and chutzpah as your currency.

What can you do on YouTube?

Well, aside from letting it host your videos, YouTube enables you to reach a global audience. From expanding your brand awareness outside your country, you get to bring your market closer via the internet. Online shops and digital delivery (instant downloads) make it easy to turn a profit in conjunction with sales funnels and ad revenue.

You can make your own infomercials and presentations for seminars related to your industry and products: the infomercials for education and marketing, the seminars for educational and networking purposes. With time at a premium, fewer and fewer people have enough free time or energy to go through online documentation to solve their problems. Videos can deliver information in shorter, data-intense presentations.

That being said, having established your channel will also leave you open to feedback, reactions and criticism (as well as the occasional spammer and troll.) If you have a solid code of conduct for communication you’ll know how to handle the negative aspect of the medium, and foster positive customer relations. The positive things customers say about your product, brand or company are testimonials. The negative things, grounded in reason and not just trollish attack, are opportunities for you to learn and improve, as well as show your professionalism and commitment to strong customer relationships.

YouTube is part of social media, as is Twitter and Facebook. Using your social media accounts makes for a cross-platform net that helps make you more accessible. You can reach people vie tweets to invite them to see your latest video, showcase it on your Facebook page, and draw interested viewers in via the recommendations through re-tweets and likes. People who like your videos can go visit your website via redirection options within the videos themselves. You can channel the flow of viewers and move subscribers into being customers and fans.

How to do good videos.

Fit in with the needs of the time-starved: keep things short, simple and as clear as possible. If the subject demands more time, you can always deliver your presentation in several parts, with one long version as an option for those who prefer to watch things in one go. It’s also a good thing to end videos with a call to action. If they liked it, viewers can be encouraged to like, share, subscribe or spread the word. You can ask them to check out your other videos or visit your website.

Incorporating YouTube in your business strategy.

While it’s easy to act as if YouTube is just watching videos wherever you want, if you intend to use it to strengthen your business you should always keep in mind that it is still social media: If you think people will only rate and react to movies, think again. Movies are a one-shot deal; they’re filmed, they’re edited, they’re presented, done. YouTube videos can spur parodies, video reactions and counter-arguments. You should have a set of firm guidelines drawn up to guide you through any contentious discussions, as well as help you keep the lines of communication open in a respectful, open manner.

Benefits of Directory Submission For Online Businesses and Marketers

The benefits of directory submission in other words submission to web directories are tremendous and quite well known to most experienced webmasters. It boosts the search engine visibility of your website and gives it great exposure too. These submissions to web directories help you to improve link popularity, increase search engine rank and increase traffic among other things. The submission process to a directory is very simple and easy. Here are some of the great benefits website owners can derive by submitting their websites to directories.

Directory submission is one of the most sought after ways of increasing your back links and thereby your link popularity. Submitting your website to some of the top relevant directories will significantly improve the page rank of your website. This will be all the more successful if you have your targeted keywords or keyword phrases in the title and also in the description when submitting to the web directories.

Different directories have different ways of accepting submission. While there are free and paid submissions, some especially the free submission directories insist on a reciprocal link from your site. Those that do not require a reciprocal link provide you with one way inbound links which are highly rated by the search engines and enables your site to rise higher in the rankings. Obtaining a high Google page rank is indeed a great asset.

Search Engine Bots visit directories frequently, especially the ones with a high page rank. If your site is listed in the directories the Bots will follow the link to your website thereby increasing the chances of your site being indexed by the search engines quickly. This is indeed a great benefit for a new website to let the search engine bots know its existence and getting it indexed soon.

Directory submission is a smart way of building Brand awareness of your business. This can be done by targeting the right business keyword or keyword phrase in the anchor text while making your submission to the directories. By submitting to a large number of websites you will automatically create awareness of your brand in the minds of people.

Though much traffic cannot be expected from most directories, there are some quality directories that do provide substantial traffic. This is good targeted traffic especially from people who search the directories for various purposes in the relevant category as yours.

Search Engine Spiders crawl directories regularly and directory submission ensures that your website gets exposure to a great majority of the search engines which will be difficult otherwise.

It is an acknowledged fact that writing articles and submitting them to article directories is the best way of attracting traffic, the search engines and also generating back links. Since many owners of websites do not posses the ability to write articles, it is much easier to submit their new websites to the directories to obtain visibility and other associated benefits.

Though directory submission is a time consuming affair, it is a process that cannot be ignored by online businesses. Many factors contribute towards the success of an online business and submission of your website to quality web directories is certainly one of them.